About Me

My name is Christina. I am a single mom. I love Jesus… a lot. I home school my daughter (henceforth known as “Luvbug”). I work several different jobs so I can do so. I teach first grade at a home school co-op. I also tutor elementary age students. I am tired. So tired. I am a huge geek… think Firefly, and Star Wars, and Star Trek, and Doctor Who. I like fairy tales… the real versions. I enjoy working out. I drive stick and fix my own car. I really enjoy reading. I sew, I craft, I garden… when I actually have time to do things. I like music… real music… everything from Bon Jovi to Elvis, Bethel to George Strait, Les Mis to Lecrae. If it’s a day that ends with a ‘y’ I’m probably craving a tamale. But not a greasy one. Those are gross. Jesus, caffeine, and my Day Designer get me through my days. So do snuggles with my Luvbug. I start every morning reading my Bible, and I end every night with a desperate sleepy prayer. And in between I crave moments of real worship. The kind that make you weep and give you goosebumps.


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