What do you expect from me?

If you aren’t here to honor my journey or get help walking through yours… then you really shouldn’t be here…

NF will help me with my words…

How do you picture me, ah?
Want me to smile, you want me to laugh..
You want me to walk in the stage with a smile on my face
When I’m mad and put on a mask? For real though…
I mean, what you expect from me?
I’m tryna do this respectfully!
They say that life is a race
I know my problems’ll probably catch up eventually
I do my best to be calm.

I put it all in the open
This is the way that I cope with all my emotion

What you think about me,
That doesn’t worry me.
I know I handle some things immaturely.
I know that I need to grow in maturity.
I ain’t gon’ walk on these stages in front of these people
And act like I live my life perfectly.
That doesn’t work for me
“Christian” is not the definition of a perfect me, woo
I ain’t the type to be quiet
I ain’t gon’ sit here in silence

I don’t expect everyone to respect it
I don’t expect you to get my perspective
I don’t  know what you expect here…
What you expect from a therapy session?

Lyrics taken from “Therapy Session” by NF



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