My Beautiful Mosaic

I hope you have at some point enjoyed the beauty of a mosaic…
I hope you sat for a while and absorbed every detail…

When you look closely at a mosaic, what do you see? Broken bits of pottery or glass… Sometimes carefully cut. Sometimes polished smooth… but sometimes shattered… sharp, and painful to touch.

Do you know how they make those pieces? Do you know what beautiful pieces of pottery were shattered? For what? When you look so closely, it seems like such a mess…


What if we could zoom out just a bit?




It’s clear that there is something bigger happening here…

What if we could zoom out a little bit more?

Mosaic full (2)

Perhaps we would discover something larger and more beautiful than we could have ever imagined by looking so closely at each individual piece…

When I was young, my mother held me while I wept at how painful and devastating life was. She comforted me while I came to terms with the fact that something whole and innocent was shattered beyond repair.
She held me in her arms and told me that our lives were like mosaics. Made up of thousands of tiny moments. Some carefully cut, some polished smooth… but sometimes… sometimes something beautiful and whole has to be shattered. It is painful… and the pieces left behind are rough… ugly to look at, sharp and painful to touch.

But why was it broken? What was it for? Is it just a big mess?

Each tiny piece is so important… carefully selected out of the pile of broken bits and pieced together to make something larger and more beautiful that we could ever imagine.
~The Mosaic of our Life!~
Without those broken pieces, the Mosaic would be incomplete,
lacking some of it’s most unique and wonderful parts!

When you feel something whole shatter, it’s okay to mourn the loss of what was, but don’t despair. Know that something beautiful will come of this…
If you allow the Artist to use those broken pieces.

And if one day you look back and think those broken pieces are ugly and sharp,
zoom out and take a moment to see how they might fit into your Mosaic.
What new, lovely images would be incomplete without them?

Don’t lose hope…
Some day you will look back and be most thankful for the sharpest pieces.

“Those who sow in tears will reap with shouts of joy!”
Psalm 126:5

The mosaic in the images is called “Genesis: The Gift of Life” by Miguel Covarrubias.
It can be found outside the Dallas Museum of Art.