You know what I love about Valentine’s Day?

My daughter came home the other day and told me that her dad thought I would be sad this Valentine’s Day… because I would be alone. I’m not angry about this… But… the truth is, I’m not sad. I’m actually very excited about Valentine’s Day…

People think that Valentine’s Day has to be about romance and couples and sex… fancy candle lit dinners, champagne, chocolates, rose petals… Someone special to share them with… I disagree. Those things are nice if you have them… but not having them doesn’t take away from the joy of the holiday.

My mom and dad were very loving parents. And they always showed it at Valentine’s. Candies on my bed when I cam home from school, flowers and stuffed animals on my nightstand, balloons, love notes written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror… One time my mom hand wrote at least a dozen love notes, cut them out in heart shapes with fancy scissors, and hung each one from the ceiling in the hallway. When we woke up, we were showered with her love. I found one of these notes in my box of keepsakes recently. It brought a smile to my face. I used to buy these Little Debbie “be my valentine” heart cakes and give them to my siblings!! I still smile every time I see them 🙂

heart cake

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I don’t lament the romantic. I celebrate that there are people in my life who love me. Who I love back. I don’t think of red, black, lacey, and candle lit. I think of pink and red hearts hanging from the ceiling… My mom’s handwriting telling me she loves me, my tough-exterior/tender-hearted daddy picking out flowers to surprise his girls with, my sister’s giggle when I give her a heart cake.
And I think of my beautiful little Luvbug. Sticky cherry candy kisses, pink and purple handprint art, glitter and stickers everywhere… She has had letters on her mirror and hearts in her hallway… These are the reasons she gets excited about Valentine’s Day too.
For weeks I’ve been planning how I can make this day special for her… so she feels loved and cherished…

No… I’m not missing out on anything this Valentine’s Day… I’m celebrating the love like I always do!!

Isn’t that what this is all about?


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